Saturday, January 2, 2010

addiction on internet?

well well well.
i've read an article recently.
and its all about internet.
some of us do have made surfing the internet as their hobby.
and nowadays, if someone do not know how to use internet,
they will be considered as a 'lamer'
but hey, there is something you should know about internet.
and i'm quite shocked to know about it.
it said that, if a person who likes to browse the internet 24-7,
they are having a serious depression.
i never thought about it.

"Some people develop a compulsive internet habit, socializing online through social-networking sites and chat rooms instead of meeting people in person. The researchers found that people who did this were more likely to have depression than other internet users"

The study, published Feb. 10 in Psychopathology, looked at 1,319 people, ages 16 to 51, and found that 1.2 percent were addicted to the internet. Those that were deemed "Internet addicts" also had a higher incidence of moderate to severe depression, the researchers found.

so, what do you think people?
are depressed people drawn into the internet?
does the internet cause depression?

it depends on you.

hey hey hey!

source from: http://www.businessweek.com/lifestyle/content/healthday/635597.html