Sunday, February 7, 2010

D I E T I N G ?

are you on a diet?
feeling so eager to lose your weight?
well, here are some tips that i found out today.
its about how you can lose your weight without dieting.

Feed your real hunger.
detect what kind of food that you really wanted to eat.
do not follow your heart.

Keep a food journal.
ha, maybe you can start jotting down types of food that you eat,
and include your feeling after you ate the food.
it is very helpful especially in the future.
if you felt bored after eating it, maybe you wont eat it anymore.

Create new habits.
many of us prefer to eat rather than exercising.
and its totally bad for our health if we didnt control it.
in spite of picking 'eating' as your habit during leisure time,
you can have new habit.
this is because, when you are active in doing something else,
you would probably forget to eat too much.
i mean you just eat in the needed amount.
no junk foods!

Rethink your rewards.
typically, people will celebrate their happiness by eating in restaurants which absolutely  have variety of  foods.
what if you change it a bit.
find nwe, affordable rewards such as earrings or maybe new clothes.

its good to have an awesome body shape with an ideal weight.
so what are you waiting for? 
just try to lose some weight without hurting yourselves.
hey hey hey!

Friday, February 5, 2010


i would like to talk about a hobby.
which is singing.

everybody can sing.
and i know most of us prefer to sing in the bathroom.
isn't it.

and nowadays, there are lots of singing competition in our country.
its not only for adult, but also for children.
so cool.
sometimes these children are very talented.
which are far beyond our expectations.

all and all, we still need to learn on how to be a good singer.
and yes, in this post i would like to recommend a book to all of you
especially for those who likes to sing.

a book entitled; SINGING FOR DUMMIES.

Whether you’re a beginning vocalist or a seasoned songster, Singing for Dummies makes it easy for you to achieve your dreams. Singing for Dummies gives you step-by-step instructions and lots of helpful tips, hints, vocal exercises, reminders, and warnings for both men and women, including advice on:

* The mechanics of singing
* Discovering your singing voice
* Developing technique
* Singing in performance
* Maintaining vocal health
* Performing like a pro

for more information, you can just go to the nearest bookstore and get it!
who knows, you might be the next Lady Gaga. hihi.

p/s just click on this link, you'll find some sort of information about the book.


before that,i have a video that i wanted to share with you but i cannot add it in due to the circumstances beyond our control.
just click on the link below; 


they are talented siblings, gamal and audrey from indonesia.
hope you enjoy it as much as i am.
hey hey hey! 

Thursday, February 4, 2010

PLUTO is changing its colour!

one day,

sister's bf : nina, ade x bace brite pasal planet PLUTO?
me          : nape bang?
sister's bf : NASA ade dpt imej baru psl PLUTO. warne dy dah bertukar.
me           : seriously?. okay2, nanti balik kite chek kt internet.

its kind of scary actually.
so,i open the nasa website.

and this is what i got.

"The images taken by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope show an icy and dark molasses-colored, mottled world that is undergoing seasonal changes in its surface color and brightness. Pluto has become significantly redder, while its illuminated northern hemisphere is getting brighter. These changes are most likely consequences of surface ices sublimating on the sunlit pole and then refreezing on the other pole as the dwarf planet heads into the next phase of its 248-year-long seasonal cycle"

not many of us knows about this thing.
whether they didn't realize it or they don't even care.
but as a human being, we should know that this is one of the sign from our God.
we should prepare ourselves for anything in the future.

i really like this website because it tells us about the universe.
but honestly, im quite scared to read all of it.
i don't know how to explain it.
but im sure, you understand why i am scared.

feel free to visit the website.
hey hey hey!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

would anyone pay for MYSPACE music?

its getting weird here.
why do they wanted us to pay?
the major reason is because;
the cost of free streaming making it unsustainable.
hey, come on.
consumers already know plenty of places to find free music,
and historically they're only liable to open their wallets for a superior experience.
so i don't think that people would pay for that.
these are world nowadays.
money is very important and each of us is trying to have it in any ways.
undoubtedly, people won't agree with this suggestion.
me also.

that's all.
hey hey hey!

source from: http://www.businessweek.com/