Sunday, February 7, 2010

D I E T I N G ?

are you on a diet?
feeling so eager to lose your weight?
well, here are some tips that i found out today.
its about how you can lose your weight without dieting.

Feed your real hunger.
detect what kind of food that you really wanted to eat.
do not follow your heart.

Keep a food journal.
ha, maybe you can start jotting down types of food that you eat,
and include your feeling after you ate the food.
it is very helpful especially in the future.
if you felt bored after eating it, maybe you wont eat it anymore.

Create new habits.
many of us prefer to eat rather than exercising.
and its totally bad for our health if we didnt control it.
in spite of picking 'eating' as your habit during leisure time,
you can have new habit.
this is because, when you are active in doing something else,
you would probably forget to eat too much.
i mean you just eat in the needed amount.
no junk foods!

Rethink your rewards.
typically, people will celebrate their happiness by eating in restaurants which absolutely  have variety of  foods.
what if you change it a bit.
find nwe, affordable rewards such as earrings or maybe new clothes.

its good to have an awesome body shape with an ideal weight.
so what are you waiting for? 
just try to lose some weight without hurting yourselves.
hey hey hey!


  1. totally agree with pya..
    teenagers nowadays are obsessed with dieting. but not follow the right dieting..
    with this information, it helps the teenagers out there have a good body and stay health without feeling pain.

  2. yup yup.
    i know someone who is too obsessed with this dieting.
    but they do it wrongly.

  3. I guess the best way is accepting yourself as who you are..
    And then you will always think about the brighter side rather than how to torture yourself grusomely

  4. your post is definitely an interesting post and it got my attention! ngee~

  5. 2 tips..
    -eat before 7pm..
    -eat in small amount of food

    btw, i dun wanna diet..
    i wanna increase my weight..