Friday, February 5, 2010


i would like to talk about a hobby.
which is singing.

everybody can sing.
and i know most of us prefer to sing in the bathroom.
isn't it.

and nowadays, there are lots of singing competition in our country.
its not only for adult, but also for children.
so cool.
sometimes these children are very talented.
which are far beyond our expectations.

all and all, we still need to learn on how to be a good singer.
and yes, in this post i would like to recommend a book to all of you
especially for those who likes to sing.

a book entitled; SINGING FOR DUMMIES.

Whether you’re a beginning vocalist or a seasoned songster, Singing for Dummies makes it easy for you to achieve your dreams. Singing for Dummies gives you step-by-step instructions and lots of helpful tips, hints, vocal exercises, reminders, and warnings for both men and women, including advice on:

* The mechanics of singing
* Discovering your singing voice
* Developing technique
* Singing in performance
* Maintaining vocal health
* Performing like a pro

for more information, you can just go to the nearest bookstore and get it!
who knows, you might be the next Lady Gaga. hihi.

p/s just click on this link, you'll find some sort of information about the book.


before that,i have a video that i wanted to share with you but i cannot add it in due to the circumstances beyond our control.
just click on the link below; 


they are talented siblings, gamal and audrey from indonesia.
hope you enjoy it as much as i am.
hey hey hey! 


  1. WOW!!..
    good information especially for those who want to be entertainment.
    It is a good step for those who wanna try this hobby...
    good luck guys~:)

  2. I want to sing my new song
    "Marilah Menampi Padi"
    Do you think I have what it get to be the padi singer

  3. i wonder if u use singing for dummies book..
    because u have a great voice..