Tuesday, February 2, 2010

would anyone pay for MYSPACE music?

its getting weird here.
why do they wanted us to pay?
the major reason is because;
the cost of free streaming making it unsustainable.
hey, come on.
consumers already know plenty of places to find free music,
and historically they're only liable to open their wallets for a superior experience.
so i don't think that people would pay for that.
these are world nowadays.
money is very important and each of us is trying to have it in any ways.
undoubtedly, people won't agree with this suggestion.
me also.

that's all.
hey hey hey!

source from: http://www.businessweek.com/


  1. what?? are u kidding me?? hey, it just a free social web, why should us to pay? don't be ridiculous by doing that.. Just fix ur target and the requirements again or else, we will deleting our myspace account.. U tell me and i tell u!..

  2. yes..
    they should grateful because we use their service..
    no need to pay..
    because there is no reason that need us to pay..